Editing Project

Copy Editing

On Nov. 7, 2016, I had the opportunity to copy edit for Sidelines. I edited an article about Zeta Tau Alpha raising money for breast cancer awareness. The article was written by Emily Neal who did a great job covering what all Zeta members had done to raise awareness. I enjoyed reading the story, and I liked that I had a hand in its improvement.

Neal’s article was full of good material from quotes to detailed information about the events that were held in October. I cut out a few phrases here and there, as all editors do, but the main thing I had to change was how often “Zeta Tau Alpha” was used. I shortened the phrase to only “Zeta.” Other than that, there were a few words I changed, and then the article was good to go.

I have never edited for a paper before, but I am glad that I had this assignment. It would be interesting to read multiple stories while looking for things to change for the better. As an editor, you have a chance to immerse yourself in your community while still impacting it through the stories you choose to print. I am a firm believer that words carry more power than anything in this world, and when used correctly, they can unite people together to make a difference.



Copyediting Errors

  • ‘The Sun’s Tirade’ by MTSU alumnus Isaiah Rashad: A solid album, but has its flaws


There is supposed to be a period between the words “sex” and “When” because one sentence is ending while the other begins.


The comma at the end is unnecessary because there is not a complete sentence after the word “but.”


The second sentence should read, “The instrumental for the album’s lead single “Free Lunch” is comprised of ringing synth chords, southern acoustic guitar plucks and organic drums…”

There is no need for a comma after the word “plucks” because there is not a complete sentence after the word “and.”


I would change this statement to “reflective of a solid rapper,” or, “reflecting a solid rapper.”




  • Nashville’s Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival unites fear and artwork


There does not need to be a comma before the word “right” because there is not a complete sentence after.


There needs to be a comma added after the word “people.”

A comma could replace the period after the word “age.” The sentence would read, “I may not do too many more of them ‘cause I’m getting up in age, but anyway, it’s the fans that bring me to them.”


There needs to be an “s,” making the word “makes.” 



  • MTSU ‘sneakerheads’ share their expensive shoe obsessions


The comma should come after the “s,” not before.




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